Al Capone

Nate Hendley Five Rivers Chapmanry

Crime writer Nate Hendley examines the life and crimes of Al Capone, the world's most famous gangster, during his brief reign over corrupt, Prohibition-era Chicago.

ISBN10 : 0986642312 , ISBN13 : 9780986642319

Page Number : 144

Dutch Schultz

Nate Hendley Five Rivers Chapmanry

One of crime's most colourful and idiosyncratic leaders is examined in crime writer Nate Hendley's fast-paced book. A treat for fans of true-crime and bizarre mob stories. Nate Hendley brings to the l

ISBN10 : 0986542741 , ISBN13 : 9780986542749

Page Number : 122

Crystal Death

Nate Hendley Five Rivers Chapmanry

In his hard-hitting look at the most dangerous illegal drug in North America, Hendley presents a fact-based account featuring interviews and life stories from users, dealers, and doctors, with a Canad

ISBN10 : 0973927836 , ISBN13 : 9780973927832

Page Number : 132


Alicia Hendley Five Rivers Publishing

With more and more people who refuse to follow Typology's rules being Ended, thirteen year old Sophie and other members of the Group know time is running out to make society aware of just how evil The

ISBN10 : 1927400856 , ISBN13 : 9781927400852

Page Number : 226


Alicia Hendley Five Rivers Chapmanry

After the fallout from the Social Media Era, when rates of divorce, crime, and mental illness were sky-rocketing and civilization was at its breaking point, prominent psychologists from around the glo

ISBN10 : 1927400295 , ISBN13 : 9781927400296

Page Number : 314

The Great Sky

D.G. Laderoute Five Rivers Publishing

From one of Canada's rising starts of YA Fiction, D.G. Laderoute, a story of Anishnabe legend. The first time Piper Preach died he was ten years old. But the Anishnaabe spirits thought otherwise. Now,

ISBN10 : 1927400996 , ISBN13 : 9781927400999

Page Number : 358

Eocene Station

Dave Duncan Five Rivers Publishing

A new Dave Duncan novel is always a reason to celebrate, and his trademark blend of high adventure, hard science, and wry humour makes Eocene Station a must read. K. N. ‘Cannon’ Ball and his super

ISBN10 : 1988274052 , ISBN13 : 9781988274058

Page Number : 320

The Mermaid S Tale

D.G. Valdron Five Rivers Publishing

In a city of majesty and brutality, of warring races and fragile alliances, a sacred mermaid has been brutally murdered. An abomination, a soulless Arukh is summoned to hunt the killer. As the world a

ISBN10 : 192740097X , ISBN13 : 9781927400975

Page Number : 462

Cat S Pawn

Leslie Gadallah Five Rivers Publishing

Book 1 of The Empire of Kaz, Leslie Gadallah's fascinating alien political intrigue. The Kazi Empire is slowly, inexorably, expanding up the arm of the Galaxy. Only the Oriani see the danger, and only

ISBN10 : 198827401X , ISBN13 : 9781988274010

Page Number : 302