All Of Statistics

Larry Wasserman Springer Science & Business Media

Taken literally, the title "All of Statistics" is an exaggeration. But in spirit, the title is apt, as the book does cover a much broader range of topics than a typical introductory book on mathematic

ISBN10 : 0387217363 , ISBN13 : 9780387217369

Page Number : 442

Applied Predictive Modeling

Max Kuhn Springer Science & Business Media

This text is intended for a broad audience as both an introduction to predictive models as well as a guide to applying them. Non-mathematical readers will appreciate the intuitive explanations of the

ISBN10 : 1461468493 , ISBN13 : 9781461468493

Page Number : 600

Time Series Analysis

Jonathan D. Cryer Springer Science & Business Media

This book presents an accessible approach to understanding time series models and their applications. The ideas and methods are illustrated with both real and simulated data sets. A unique feature of

ISBN10 : 0387759581 , ISBN13 : 9780387759586

Page Number : 491