Effective Modern C

Scott Meyers "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

Coming to grips with C++11 and C++14 is more than a matter of familiarizing yourself with the features they introduce (e.g., auto type declarations, move semantics, lambda expressions, and concurrency

ISBN10 : 1491908432 , ISBN13 : 9781491908433

Page Number : 336

A Tour Of C

Bjarne Stroustrup Addison-Wesley

The C++11 standard allows programmers to express ideas more clearly, simply, and directly, and to write faster, more efficient code. Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and original implementer of C++, th

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Api Design For C

Martin Reddy Elsevier

API Design for C++ provides a comprehensive discussion of Application Programming Interface (API) development, from initial design through implementation, testing, documentation, release, versioning,

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Page Number : 472

C Primer

Stanley Lippman Addison-Wesley

Bestselling Programming Tutorial and Reference Completely Rewritten for the New C++11 Standard Fully updated and recast for the newly released C++11 standard, this authoritative and comprehensive intr

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More Effective C

Scott Meyers Pearson Education

More than 150,000 copies in print! Praise for Scott Meyers’ first book, Effective C++: “I heartily recommend Effective C++ to anyone who aspires to mastery of C++ at the intermediate level or abov

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