A Rant Of Ravens

Christine Goff House of Stratus

In an attempt to escape a hellish marriage, Rachel Stanhope retreats to her Aunt Miriam’s ranch and there agrees to host meetings of the local Bird Watching Society. On the first expedition, she dis

ISBN10 : 1941286291 , ISBN13 : 9781941286296

Page Number : 196

Prince Of Ravens

Richard Baker Wizards of the Coast

After a hundred years, Jack Ravenwild—thief, sorcerer, scoundrel, and accidental hero—is released from a magical confinement, only to fall into the hands of the marquise Dresimil Chûmavh, ruler o

ISBN10 : 0786961317 , ISBN13 : 9780786961313

Page Number : 193

A Conspiracy Of Ravens

Neal Sillars Soft Editions

Struggling to find direction in life, Ruaridh MacBran jumps at the chance of abandoning his career in the city to take over his family's near-bankrupt estate in the remote Western Highlands. With the

ISBN10 : 1843500868 , ISBN13 : 9781843500865

Page Number : 204

A Murder Of Ravens

Anthony Fallone Lulu.com

Chalice is employed at the Blue Lake Mansions care home, not knowing that it had been a nunnery where all the order were murdered in a mysterious way. Bought by the cruel and unscrupulous Haitian, Dan

ISBN10 : 1291544496 , ISBN13 : 9781291544497

Page Number : 570

Unkindness Of Ravens

Chloe Rhodes Michael O'Mara Books

A beautifully packaged, highly enjoyable collection that showcases the most unusual and interesting collective nouns in the English language—from the author of A Certain "Je Ne Sois Quoi" Why are ge

ISBN10 : 1782433171 , ISBN13 : 9781782433170

Page Number : 192