Machine Learning

Kevin P. Murphy MIT Press

Today's Web-enabled deluge of electronic data calls for automated methods of data analysis. Machine learning provides these, developing methods that can automatically detect patterns in data and then

ISBN10 : 0262304325 , ISBN13 : 9780262304320

Page Number : 1104


Robert E. Schapire MIT Press

Boosting is an approach to machine learning based on the idea of creating a highly accurate predictor by combining many weak and inaccurate "rules of thumb." A remarkably rich theory has evolved aroun

ISBN10 : 0262017180 , ISBN13 : 9780262017183

Page Number : 526

Reinforcement Learning

Richard S. Sutton MIT Press

An account of key ideas and algorithms in reinforcement learning. The discussion ranges from the history of the field's intellectual foundations to recent developments and applications. Areas studied

ISBN10 : 9780262193986 , ISBN13 : 0262193981

Page Number : 322