Our Final Invention

James Barrat Macmillan

A documentary filmmaker, bringing together Artificial Intelligence experts from around the world, explores the terrifying possibility of catastrophic outcomes once we share the planet with intelligent

ISBN10 : 0312622376 , ISBN13 : 9780312622374

Page Number : 336

Our Final Invention

James Barrat Macmillan

A Huffington Post Definitive Tech Book of 2013 Artificial Intelligence helps choose what books you buy, what movies you see, and even who you date. It puts the "smart" in your smartphone and soon it w

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Nick Bostrom Oxford University Press (UK)

Human beings occupy a dominant position on our planet, not because we have stronger muscles or sharper teeth than other species, but because we have smarter brains. Our brains developed the technologi

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My Inventions

Nikola Tesla Cosimo, Inc.

Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla was a revolutionary scientist whose greatest invention, A/C current, powers almost all of the technological wonders in the world today.

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Fantastic Voyage

Ray Kurzweil Rodale

Presents information about aging and illness, offers a program of diet and lifestyle choices allowing people to live longer and avoid sickness, and examines current and future roles for biotechnology

ISBN10 : 9781579549541 , ISBN13 : 1579549543

Page Number : 452

How To Create A Mind

Ray Kurzweil Penguin

The bold futurist and bestselling author explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain Ray Kurzweil is arguably today’s most influential—and often controversial—futuris

ISBN10 : 1101601108 , ISBN13 : 9781101601105

Page Number : 352

Radical Abundance

K. Eric Drexler PublicAffairs

The founding father of nanotechnology predicts the coming changes to the economy and the environment as more manufacturing is done with extreme precision on the atomic level at a significantly lower c

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