Car Pc Hacks

Damien Stolarz "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

A car PC or carputer is a car tricked-out with electronics for playing radio, music and DVD movies, connecting to the Internet, navigating and tracking with satellite, taking photos, and any electroni

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Iceberg Slim Simon and Schuster

Before Hip Hop, there was the pimp. The book that brought black literature to the streets is back to show the Hip Hop generation what it’s all about, where they came from. By telling the story of on

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World Politics

Jeffrey Haynes Routledge

From the war on terror to the global financial crisis, traditional concepts of world politics are being challenged on a daily basis. In these uncertain times, the study of international relations and

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Carrie Mac Orca Book Publishers

Izzy’s mother works far away and leaves Izzy at home, alone with Rob the Slob. Angry at her mother and trying to deal with school, friends and the attentions of charismatic Cody Dillon, Izzy finds h

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Low Riders In Space

Cathy Camper Chronicle Books

Lupe Impala, El Chavo Flapjack, and Elirio Malaria love working with cars. You name it, they can fix it. But the team's favorite cars of all are lowriders—cars that hip and hop, dip and drop, go low

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Step Up To Medicine

Steven S. Agabegi Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

"The questions serve as a self-assessment tool, allowing students to think through clinical scenarios without answer choices influencing their thought process. Most questions end in "what are the appr

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