Programming In Lua

Roberto Ierusalimschy Roberto Ierusalimschy

Authored by Roberto Ierusalimschy, the chief architect of the language, this volume covers all aspects of Lua 5---from the basics to its API with C---explaining how to make good use of its features an

ISBN10 : 8590379825 , ISBN13 : 9788590379829

Page Number : 307

Programming In Haskell

Graham Hutton Cambridge University Press

Haskell is a purely functional language that allows programmers to rapidly develop clear, concise, and correct software. The language has grown in popularity in recent years, both in teaching and in i

ISBN10 : 1316626229 , ISBN13 : 9781316626221

Page Number : 320

Programming Perl

Tom Christiansen "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

Introduces the programming language to beginners and provides a Perl language reference for experienced users, covering operators, statements, formats, modules, objects, threads, tied variables, debug

ISBN10 : 0596004923 , ISBN13 : 9780596004927

Page Number : 1130