Rise Of The Robots

Martin Ford Basic Books

What are the jobs of the future? How many will there be? And who will have them? We might imagine—and hope—that today’s industrial revolution will unfold like the last: even as some jobs are eli

ISBN10 : 0465040675 , ISBN13 : 9780465040674

Page Number : 352

The Lights In The Tunnel

Martin Ford Acculant Publishing

A computer engineer from Silicon Valley employs a powerful thought experiment to explore the economy of the future. An imaginary "tunnel of lights" is used to visualize the economic implications of th

ISBN10 : 1448659817 , ISBN13 : 9781448659814

Page Number : 253


Nick Bostrom Oxford University Press (UK)

Human beings occupy a dominant position on our planet, not because we have stronger muscles or sharper teeth than other species, but because we have smarter brains. Our brains developed the technologi

ISBN10 : 0199678111 , ISBN13 : 9780199678112

Page Number : 328

Robot Futures

Illah Reza Nourbakhsh MIT Press

With robots, we are inventing a new species that is part material and part digital.The ambition of modern robotics goes beyond copying humans, beyond the effort to make walking,talking androids that a

ISBN10 : 0262018624 , ISBN13 : 9780262018623

Page Number : 133

How Music Got Free

Stephen Witt Penguin

Finalist for the 2016 Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the 2016 J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize, and the 2015 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year One of Billboard’s 100 Greatest Music Bo

ISBN10 : 0698152522 , ISBN13 : 9780698152526

Page Number : 304

Humans Need Not Apply

Jerry Kaplan Yale University Press

After billions of dollars and fifty years of effort, researchers are finally cracking the code on artificial intelligence. As society stands on the cusp of unprecedented change, Jerry Kaplan unpacks t

ISBN10 : 0300216416 , ISBN13 : 9780300216417

Page Number : 256