Sea Of Sorrows

James A. Moore Titan Books

In a follow-up to Out of the Shadows, the descendants of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley are constantly thwarted by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the company's unceasing efforts to weaponize the aliens. O

ISBN10 : 9781781162705 , ISBN13 : 1781162700

Page Number : 351

A Sea Of Sorrows

Norah McClintock Scholastic Canada

In the midst of the Irish famine, Johanna flees one disaster -- only to land in another. After a massive potato famine strikes Ireland, thirteen-year-old Johanna Leary flees to Canada with her family.

ISBN10 : 1443107107 , ISBN13 : 9781443107105

Page Number : 176

Sea Of Sorrows

Michelle West D A W Books, Incorporated

As Valedan di'Leonne, the sole survivor of the ruling clan of the Dominion, seeks to reclaim his rightful throne, the Voyani, accompanied by Jewel, Avandar, Kallandras, Diora, Teresa, and Lord Celleri

ISBN10 : 9780886779788 , ISBN13 : 0886779782

Page Number : 830

Sea Of Sorrows

Ree Soesbee Titan Books

Death Sails the Seas. The lost kingdom of Orr lies beneath the ocean waves, an entire civilization swallowed by an ancient cataclysm. For centuries, it has lain dormant in the depths, its ancient secr

ISBN10 : 1783291931 , ISBN13 : 9781783291939

Page Number : 416