The World Of Professor Layton

Level 5 Udon Entertainment Incorporated

The Professor Layton series couples brilliant puzzle games with a fascinating story to create a riveting formula that has provided great entertainment for mystery fans and puzzle-solving gurus alike.

ISBN10 : 9781927925461 , ISBN13 : 1927925460

Page Number : 192

Growlanser Art Works

Satoshi Urushihara Udon Entertainment Corporation

Featuring the artwork of Satoshi Urushihara! The Growlanser series of tactical role-playing games is a favorite of JRPG players with its gorgeous character designs and dramatic storytelling. Growlanse

ISBN10 : 9781926778655 , ISBN13 : 1926778650

Page Number : 176


Udon Entertainment Udon Entertainment Corporation

Celebrating over 25 years of Ys, the flagship series of Japanese RPG publisher Nihon Falcom! Ys: The Art Book collects the fantastic artwork of more than a dozen titles in the Ys franchise, from the o

ISBN10 : 9781927925010 , ISBN13 : 1927925010

Page Number : 280

Gurren Lagann Art Works

Gainax Udon Entertainment Corporation

Bust through the heavens with your soul, Gurren Lagann! Featuring buxom babes, brutal beastmen, and mountainous mecha as only GAINAX can deliver, Gurren Lagann is a non-stop roller coaster of all-out

ISBN10 : 9781927925072 , ISBN13 : 192792507X

Page Number : 136