The Jewish Gospels

Daniel Boyarin

Makes the powerful case that the conventional understandings of Jesus and the origins of Christianity are wrong: that Jesus' core teachings were not a break from Jewish beliefs and that Jesus was embr

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Page Number : 200

Border Lines

Daniel Boyarin University of Pennsylvania Press

The historical separation between Judaism and Christianity is often figured as a clearly defined break of a single entity into two separate religions. Following this model, there would have been one r

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Page Number : 392

The Jewish Jesus

Peter Schäfer Princeton University Press

"Watching Peter Schafer explicate Jewish and Christian texts is like watching a great restorer work on a fresco damaged by time, wind, and water. Blurred outlines come into focus, dull colors become b

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Dying For God

Daniel Boyarin Stanford University Press

Scholars have come to realize that we can and need to speak of a twin birth of Christianity and Judaism, not a genealogy in which one is parent to the other. In this book, the author develops a revise

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Unheroic Conduct

Daniel Boyarin Univ of California Press

In a book that will both enlighten and provoke, Daniel Boyarin offers an alternative to the prevailing Euroamerican warrior/patriarch model of masculinity and recovers the Jewish ideal of the gentle,

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A Radical Jew

Daniel Boyarin Univ of California Press

Daniel Boyarin turns to the Epistles of Paul as the spiritual autobiography of a first-century Jewish cultural critic. What led Paul—in his dramatic conversion to Christianity—to such a radical cr

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