The Pragmatic Programmer

Andrew Hunt Addison-Wesley Professional

What others in the trenches say about The Pragmatic Programmer... “The cool thing about this book is that it’s great for keeping the programming process fresh. The book helps you to continue to gr

ISBN10 : 013211917X , ISBN13 : 9780132119177

Page Number : 352

Programming Pearls

Jon Louis Bentley Addison-Wesley Professional

A guide to practical programming techniques and design principles, with information on such topics as testing, debugging and timing, set representations, and string problems.

ISBN10 : 9780201657883 , ISBN13 : 0201657880

Page Number : 239

Large Scale C Software Design

John Lakos Addison-Wesley Professional

In designing large-scale C++ applications, you are entering a dimension barely skimmed by most C++ books, particularly considering experience with small programming projects does not scale up to large

ISBN10 : 9780201633627 , ISBN13 : 0201633620

Page Number : 846

The Passionate Programmer

Chad Fowler

Programmers can learn how to become entrepreneurs, driving their career in the direction of their choosing. This guide illustrates how those in the IT field can set the direction of their careers, lea

ISBN10 : 9781934356340 , ISBN13 : 1934356344

Page Number : 198

Clean Code

Robert C. Martin Pearson Education

Even bad code can function. But if code isn’t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written co

ISBN10 : 0136083250 , ISBN13 : 9780136083252

Page Number : 464

The Clean Coder

Robert C. Martin Pearson Education

Programmers who endure and succeed amidst swirling uncertainty and nonstop pressure share a common attribute: They care deeply about the practice of creating software. They treat it as a craft. They a

ISBN10 : 9780132542883 , ISBN13 : 0132542889

Page Number : 336