The Story Of The Jews

Simon Schama Penguin Canada

It is a story like no other: an epic of endurance against destruction, of creativity in oppression, joy amid grief, the affirmation of life against the steepest of odds. The first of two volumes, The

ISBN10 : 0143193120 , ISBN13 : 9780143193128

Page Number : 352

The Story Of The Jews

Simon Schama Harper Collins

In this magnificently illustrated cultural history—the tie-in to the pbs and bbc series The Story of the Jews—simon schama details the story of the jewish people, tracing their experience across t

ISBN10 : 0062339443 , ISBN13 : 9780062339447

Page Number : 512

The Face Of Britain

Simon Schama Penguin UK

Simon Schama brings Britain to life through its portraits, as seen in the five-part BBC series The Face of Britain and the major National Portrait Gallery exhibition Churchill and his painter locked i

ISBN10 : 0241963710 , ISBN13 : 9780241963715

Page Number : 448

The American Future

Simon Schama Harper Collins

“With eloquence, wit, passion, and irony, The American Future traces the history of an idea: that of our national destiny….A book of beautiful writing, peppered with wisecracks, slashed with rapie

ISBN10 : 0061879517 , ISBN13 : 9780061879517

Page Number : 432

The Embarrassment Of Riches

Simon Schama Univ of California Press

Describes the cultural and social milieu of seventeenth-century Holland, where, despite great material wealth and general prosperity, an "anxiety of superabundance" permeated all aspects of the cultur

ISBN10 : 9780520061477 , ISBN13 : 0520061470

Page Number : 698

Rembrandt S Eyes

Simon Schama Vintage Canada

For Rembrandt as for Shakespeare, all the world was indeed a stage, and he knew in exhaustive detail the tactics of its performance; the strutting and mincing; the wardrobe and the face paint; the ful

ISBN10 : 9780679311706 , ISBN13 : 067931170X

Page Number : 727