The Story Of The Jews

Simon Schama Harper Collins

In this magnificently illustrated cultural history—the tie-in to the pbs and bbc series The Story of the Jews—simon schama details the story of the jewish people, tracing their experience across t

ISBN10 : 0062339443 , ISBN13 : 9780062339447

Page Number : 512

The Story Of The Jews

Simon Schama Penguin Canada

It is a story like no other: an epic of endurance against destruction, of creativity in oppression, joy amid grief, the affirmation of life against the steepest of odds. The first of two volumes, The

ISBN10 : 0143193120 , ISBN13 : 9780143193128

Page Number : 352

The Face Of Britain

Simon Schama Oxford University Press

Author of a number of celebrated works, including the bestselling The Story of the Jews and Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama's latest book fuses history and art to create a

ISBN10 : 0190621893 , ISBN13 : 9780190621896

Page Number : 608

Rough Crossings

Simon Schama Random House

Rough Crossings is the astonishing story of the struggle to freedom by thousands of African-American slaves who fled the plantations to fight behind British lines in the American War of Independence.

ISBN10 : 1409018628 , ISBN13 : 9781409018629

Page Number : 544

The Power Of Art

Simon Schama Bodley Head Childrens

* 'Great art has dreadful manners...' Simon Schama observes at the start of his epic exploration of the power, and whole point, of art. 'The hushed reverence of the gallery can fool you into believing

ISBN10 : 9781847921185 , ISBN13 : 1847921183

Page Number : 448

Jewish Jocks

Franklin Foer Twelve

2012 National Jewish Book Award Winner JEWISH JOCKS: AN UNORTHODOX HALL OF FAME is a timeless collection of biographical musings, sociological riffs about assimilation, first-person reflections, and,

ISBN10 : 1455516112 , ISBN13 : 9781455516117

Page Number : 304

The American Future

Simon Schama Harper Collins

“With eloquence, wit, passion, and irony, The American Future traces the history of an idea: that of our national destiny….A book of beautiful writing, peppered with wisecracks, slashed with rapie

ISBN10 : 0061879517 , ISBN13 : 9780061879517

Page Number : 432

The Embarrassment Of Riches

Simon Schama Univ of California Press

Describes the cultural and social milieu of seventeenth-century Holland, where, despite great material wealth and general prosperity, an "anxiety of superabundance" permeated all aspects of the cultur

ISBN10 : 9780520061477 , ISBN13 : 0520061470

Page Number : 698