Triumph Of Survival

Berel Wein Mesorah Publications

World renowned historian and lecturer, Rabbi Berel Wein, paints a panoramic picture of our people in the modern era, from the Cossack pogroms to the rise of the Chassidic movement, from the Vilna Gaon

ISBN10 : 9780899064987 , ISBN13 : 0899064981

Page Number : 508

Beautiful Buttons

Cathrine Ann BPS Books

Unwanted and neglected as a child, abused by neighborhood perverts beginning at six years old, and then by loser boyfriends during her adolescence and beyond, Cathrine Ann became pregnant at fifteen,

ISBN10 : 1926645731 , ISBN13 : 9781926645735

Page Number : 334

Den Of Lions

Terry Anderson Ballantine Books

The former Associated Press chief Middle East correspondent shares the story of his captivity by Shiite radicals in Beirut, the spiritual rebirth that allowed him to endure, and his ultimate release.

ISBN10 : 9780345467928 , ISBN13 : 0345467922

Page Number : 448

Dancing On His Grave

Barbara Richard Trafford Publishing

My earliest memories are only fear. A great hurting fear that made my heart as big as a pumpkin that welled up into my throat, choking me, dizzying my head, turning my legs to rubber. Fear of moving a

ISBN10 : 9781425199876 , ISBN13 : 1425199879

Page Number : 294

Dog Eat Dog

Michael Browning Allen & Unwin

Bon turned up with two bottles of bourbon, some dope and some speed. When Angus saw this stash, he said to Malcolm, 'If this guy can walk, let alone sing, it's going to be something.' Michael Browning

ISBN10 : 1743439008 , ISBN13 : 9781743439005

Page Number : 352