Laura Hillenbrand Random House Incorporated

Tells the gripping true story of a U.S. airman who was the soul surviver when his bomber crashed into the sea during World War II and had to face thousands of miles of open ocean, leaping sharks, a fo

ISBN10 : 1400064163 , ISBN13 : 9781400064168

Page Number : 473

Pindar Olympian Odes Pythian Odes

Pindar Harvard University Press

Pindar (c. 518–438 BCE), highly esteemed as lyric poet by the ancients, commemorates in complex verse the achievements of athletes and powerful rulers at the four great Panhellenic festivals, Olympi

ISBN10 : 9780674995642 , ISBN13 : 0674995643

Page Number : 385

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley RosettaBooks

Huxley's bleak future prophesized in Brave New World was a capitalist civilization which had been reconstituted through scientific and psychological engineering, a world in which people are geneticall

ISBN10 : 9780795311253 , ISBN13 : 0795311257

Page Number : 288

On Aggression

Konrad Lorenz Psychology Press

Hugely controversial on publication, this is an insightful and characteristically entertaining survey of animal behaviour and the evolution of aggression throughout the animal world.

ISBN10 : 9780415283205 , ISBN13 : 0415283205

Page Number : 306

Triumph In Defeat

Jessica H. Clark Oxford University Press

Although a great deal of historical work has been done in the past decade on Roman triumphs, defeats and their place in Roman culture have been relatively neglected. Why should we investigate the defe

ISBN10 : 0199336555 , ISBN13 : 9780199336555

Page Number : 368

The Uss Flier

Michael Sturma University Press of Kentucky

The fate of the USS Flier is one of the most astonishing stories of the Second World War. On August 13, 1944, the submarine struck a mine and sank to the bottom of the Sulu Sea in less than one minute

ISBN10 : 081313871X , ISBN13 : 9780813138718

Page Number : 232

The Last Climb

Thomas H. Cosgrove

Mountain climber Jim Bridgman, determined to cap his career with a successful assault on the unscaled and notorious Nevado Virachocha, the Andes' tallest peak, becomes dangerously involved in the revo

ISBN10 : 9780684834146 , ISBN13 : 0684834146

Page Number : 303